Why You Should Be Using Genuine MAZDA Parts

Deciphering car terminology can sometimes feel like looking at a random assortment of Scrabble tiles and trying to tease out the meaning. One of the most important acronyms you’ll encounter if you own a Mazda vehicle, however, is OEM. It’s a designation that lets you know you’re getting the best Mazda parts so you can, in turn, expect the best from your car.

What Are OEM MAZDA Parts?

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” and lets you know that the company manufacturing the parts we’re using for Mazda service is the genuine article. Most are manufactured directly by Mazda, with a handful of components — like tires, motor oil, and batteries — manufactured by trusted third parties to our high standards.

Genuine MAZDA Parts versus Aftermarket Parts

This raises a question: when you don’t buy your parts from Med Center Mazda, what are you getting? For some retailers, it’s a mix of genuine parts and third-party components called “aftermarket parts.” Those aren’t made or endorsed by Mazda, and their quality can vary widely. What’s more, you’re often on your own for installation, so you’re taking your chances on fit, finish, and the durability of your maintenance or repair.

Why Are OEM MAZDA Parts Better?

There are three good reasons to visit your Mazda dealership near Birmingham for genuine Mazda parts and service.

  • OEM parts fit right the first time
  • OEM parts generally last longer, lowering the chance of premature failure or an expensive repair
  • We back our parts and labor alike

Contrary to popular belief, using a local auto repair shop instead of a Mazda service center, or using aftermarket parts, won’t cause your warranty to go up in smoke. But if your car goes up in smoke because you used substandard parts or an inexperienced mechanic, your warranty may not remain in force. You have a five-year / 60,000-mile powertrain warranty for a reason. Use it, and if you want to save money, ask about our frequent Mazda service and parts specials instead of cutting corners.

MAZDA Parts and Service in Pelham, AL

Whether you’ve bought or leased, your vehicle is a substantial investment. Protect it. Timely maintenance using the right parts and the service of a dealership like Med Center Mazda helps to ensure that the drive you desire and the safety you deserve will be a part of every journey. Visit us today for all your automotive needs!