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The Mazda Service Promise

The Mazda Service Promise elevates your service to a new level, with online scheduling, alternative transportation options, mobile express pay and a complimentary video inspection. Experience clear communication on your terms, from service professionals that combine world-class hospitality with the latest technology. We help your Mazda run it’s best, and provide exceptional service that is as unique as your needs-with no surprise.

Participation and availability may vary. Contact your Mazda Dealer for complete details.


When it comes to servicing your Mazda, there are several compelling reasons why you should choose Med Center Mazda as your trusted service provider.

Expert Technicians: Med Center Mazda has a team of highly skilled technicians who specialize in Mazda vehicles. They have extensive knowledge and training specific to Mazda models, ensuring that your vehicle receives the expert care it deserves.

Genuine Mazda Parts: At Med Center Mazda, they use only genuine Mazda parts for repairs and replacements. These parts are designed specifically for Mazda vehicles, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and longevity.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Med Center Mazda boasts state-of-the-art service facilities equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment. This allows their technicians to accurately diagnose and address any issues your Mazda may be experiencing.

Convenience and Efficiency: Scheduling your Mazda service at Med Center Mazda is convenient and hassle-free. Their online scheduling tools or dedicated service representatives make it easy to book an appointment that suits your schedule. Additionally, they strive to provide efficient service, minimizing any inconvenience and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Service Specials and Discounts: Med Center Mazda often offers service specials and discounts, allowing you to save on maintenance and repairs. Be sure to check their website or inquire about any ongoing promotions when scheduling your service.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: Med Center Mazda is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will address any concerns or questions you have, providing excellent service from start to finish.

As an authorized Mazda dealership, Med Center Mazda has a deep understanding of Mazda vehicles and their maintenance requirements. By choosing them for your Mazda service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in capable hands, receiving the highest standard of care and attention.

Don’t compromise on the quality and reliability of your Mazda service. Schedule your service with Med Center Mazda today and experience the difference that their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction can make for your Mazda ownership experience.