MAZDA Service 101: Maintenance Checklist 

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Keeping up with regular maintenance at our Mazda service center is absolutely vital to the safety, longevity, and functioning of your vehicle. There are numerous maintenance tasks to keep up with, so it can be quite difficult to be sure if everything is getting done when it’s supposed to. To help you better organize and prepare for your visit, our Med Center Mazda team has created this service checklist.


Air Filters: One part of your vehicle that will commonly need checking and replacing is the air filter. This part is what ensures that the air quality inside your cabin is the best that it can be by filtering out harmful pollutants and dust.

Oil and Coolant: Another important aspect of your Mazda vehicle that you should get regularly inspected is the oil and coolant level. You can check these levels by yourself using a dipstick, but you’ll need to visit us to have the fluids safely changed or replaced.

Tire Rotation: As you drive your vehicle, the tires will slowly lose their factory-set balance which results in uneven tread wear patterns and unwanted noise. To fix this, we rotate your Mazda tires to new positions to ensure even wear.


Spark Plugs: Although they don’t wear nearly as fast as other parts inside your vehicle, you’ll want to have your spark plugs inspected when you visit us for service or if you feel any sort of decrease in power behind the wheel.

Transmission Fluid: You don’t need to change it as often as your oil, but eventually the transmission fluid inside your vehicle also breaks down. Always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for service.

Coolant Fluid: You’ll also need to replace the coolant inside your vehicle’s radiator to ensure your engine doesn’t overheat. Getting this system refreshed helps to get rid of any contaminants that have built up over time.

Visit Med Center MAZDA For All Your Service Needs

If you’re having a mechanical issue with your vehicle or it’s time for your regularly scheduled maintenance, stop by our Pelham, AL Mazda dealership today. Our team of factory-trained experts is standing by and ready to assist with whatever you may need. Visit us today or schedule an appointment online!