MAZDA Accident Support is in Pelham

October 19th, 2021 by

The Mazda body shop at Med Center Mazda is here to help you in the event of damage or an accident. Not only is our team dedicated to putting your vehicle back on the road and driving safely, but we’re sharing the best steps to take after an accident has occurred.

What to Do After an Accident

Accidents happen, and the more prepared you are, the safer you and your vehicle will be. Here are the steps you’ll want to take in the event of an accident.

  • Check for Injuries: It’s important to make sure you are cleared to move and that you don’t have any injuries that need immediate care before taking the next steps.
  • Get to Safety: It’s best if you can move your vehicle to safety, but if your car is no longer running efficiently, move yourself and any passengers to safety and away from traffic.
  • Call the Police: As soon as it’s safe, call the police and other emergency services to the scene. They will help to direct traffic away from the accident and keep other drivers safe and they can begin taking statements.
  • Speak With the Other Driver: You want to exchange information with the other driver, so you can begin getting the repairs and replacements performed on your Mazda vehicle as soon as possible.
  • Make Notes: It’s a good idea to take as many pictures as possible of the scene and to speak with witnesses, so you can get the insurance support and repairs your vehicle needs.
  • Schedule an Appointment With Med Center Mazda: Our body shop will help to bring your vehicle back to rights after an accident. Schedule an appointment with our team to get your vehicle running right as soon as possible.

Learn more about accident support and get the Mazda service and repairs you deserve at Med Center Mazda today.

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