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January 11th, 2022 by

Bringing your vehicle in for routine Mazda service and care can extend the life of your parts, reduce long-term costs, and ensure every ride you take is smooth and comfortable. Here at Med Center Mazda, we provide the service you can rely on. We also want to share the essential information that will help you recognize when your vehicle needs care.

Five Signs Your MAZDA Vehicle Needs Service

It’s important to know how to recognize when your car needs routine maintenance and service. Here are some of the top warning signs:

  1. The Check Engine Light Comes On: One of the best ways to know if your vehicle needs service or repair is if the check engine light comes on. There are many potential reasons for the check engine light to come on, and our service experts will find and fix the cause in no time.
  2. Unusual Sounds: If you hear grinding or squealing, it’s usually an indication that your vehicle’s parts are wearing down, like the brake pads. Pay attention to when you hear the sounds, so you know what parts need care.
  3. Unusual Scents: You’ll also want to watch for any scents that are out of the ordinary. For instance, when the battery starts to deteriorate, it can smell like sulfur. If you notice a strange scent from your vehicle, schedule maintenance right away.
  4. Low Gas Mileage: If the parts in your vehicle aren’t working properly, you may see a reduction in gas mileage and vehicle efficiency. Our team can repair and replace low performing parts to make your vehicle run right.
  5. It Vibrates: If you notice your vehicle vibrating when you turn or brake, it’s an indication that your parts or fluids are worn or low and need to be replaced. Our team will fill up your oil, replace your brake pads, and put your car back on the road.

Find out more about Mazda care and get service you can rely on at Med Center Mazda in Pelham.

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