The Mazda Spirit

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A red 2020 Mazda Miata in a forest; a couple is about to enter the vehicle.You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, so much so that for many drivers it becomes part of their identity. Shouldn’t such a big part of your life have an ethos – a spirit? We think so. It’s why we’re so passionate about Mazda vehicles. Everything about the Mazda brand and its vehicles is engineered, designed, and created with spirit, passion, and purpose.

Creating The Rotary Engine

When Mazda began developing their flawless rotary engine in 1961, they were setting out to achieve what other automakers could not. The team behind the project faced many obstacles and setbacks like chatter marks on the inner walls of the rotor housing. They were able to overcome this with carbon-infused seals. This innovation led to the successful creation of the rotary engine and the birth of the Cosmo Sport – the world’s first volume-produced sports car powered by a rotary engine.

The Marvelous Miata

In the latter quarter of the 20th century, the lightweight sports car segment was essentially extinct, but that didn’t stop Mazda Engineer Kenichi Yamamoto. Yamamoto led the development of the first-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata in 1989. The goal was simple: build a lightweight sports car that’s a true joy to drive. All of the team’s determination paid off and the Miata became an instant favorite. Today, there are more than one million Miatas on roads all over the world.

Mazda SKYACTIV® Technology

If you’ve ever driven a Mazda vehicle you know what a pure joy they are to drive. They offer exceptional driving dynamics and efficiency thanks to the vehicles’ SKYACTIV technology. This technology guides the body construction, engine technology, chassis, and transmission, with all of these systems coming together to offer some of the smoothest, most fun driving dynamics the automotive world has seen.

100 Years Of Innovation

Mazda has been creating fine cars since 1920, with the simple goal of making the driver feel better after their drive than before. Throughout the last 100 years, Mazda has led the automotive industry with innovations in powertrains, safety, design, and driving dynamics. And they don’t plan on stopping.

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